This is one of my favorite songs I have written. It’s about how a female Pirate tries to escape the clutches of the murderous life of a Pirate in 1662. In this long ago tale, the red haired female pirate sporting an eye patch sets fire to the stern of the ship one night and tries to escape in a life boat. Before she can get away the crew captures her and sets an evil spell on her turning her into a mermaid. The curse sends her deep into the darkest depths of the ocean never to return to dry land again. As if that were not enough, the poor Mermaid is also cursed into having her ass stung by a sea anemone every time someone states out loud that they do not believe in Mermaids.

Here I play the legendary Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. Last year I was playing a show in Houston Texas and this little guy kept asking me to play a Michael Jackson Song. I continued to refuse telling him I didn’t know any. He then decided to throw a fit as well as a metal chair at a table of guys sitting right in front at the show. It was seriously dangerous… and amazing. From that instance alone it is probably a good idea for any touring band or artist to have a MJ song in their bag of tricks. What better one than Billy Jean I say.

Since The Rain Went Away – Live at Brick By Brick in classy San Diego

Shredding some Hot Licks to a great crowd in Vail CO. This was a after party for all the riders at a breast cancer benefit rail jam competition. I was really honored to be a part of this. A great cause and an amazing experience. Lets drink up and save some lives….

Mushroom Tea – Live at the Star Bar in Park City Utah. The end of this video has a behind the head electric guitar solo if your into that sort of thing.

Chicken Song – San Diego Experience Music Video with my main man Jade Blanco. This video is a prime example of a regular day in the life for us two whenever we get together. This is merely a teaser of the footage we collected in San Diego this May. Stay tuned for much more fine holiday fun to come.

Me and My Boy Wiley Miller Firing it up and droping some serious heat in Utah. Wiley is a bad ass pro skier I grew up with in Montana. It will blow your mind what this kid can do on a pair of skis. Check him out at

Jammin out on RSN High Altitude TV in Park City Utah

106.7 The Planet interview and CD giveaway.. Slipping into the Airwaves…

Blue Bird in Breck Baby… Getting down on some back porch pickin

Laying some grease on the keys


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