Does College Really Help Your Music Career?..

I don’t utilize this skill very often publicly but in 2006 I graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with honors and a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance that has not seen the light of day ever since. As an Independent Major I studied guitar, piano and composition with a primary emphasis in Jazz theory and technique over that of Classical Music. I still love to rip a standard now and then but have since set my career focus on being a pop producer. Although many of the fundamental aspects of Jazz music that I studied at Cornish are far more advanced than most of the day to day ideas that I work with, I do feel that having this higher knowledge of music enables me to adapt to many musical styles and possibilities on the fly while working in the studio. My biggest challenge though still to date has not been acquiring this knowledge, but the years spent after college trying to forget it and understanding that in most circumstances, “simpler is better”. All that said, here’s a taste of me doing the jazz thing just for fun.

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